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40 tonne low height hydraulic jack for all workshops

Popular, all-round air over hydraulic truck jack used in most truck workshops Australia wide.

Capacity: 40T/20T

hydraulic truck jack for lifting buses and very low vehicles safely and efficiently.

50 tonne air hydraulic truck jack, heavy duty

Perfect for service trucks and vans.


Jacks are a vital tool for truck drivers. In the event of an issue with a tyre – a puncture, a flat, or other wheel damage – having a personal jack will allow you to handle the changeover yourself. Truck drivers and mechanics can’t just use a standard jack – they must have a specific jack that has been designed for trucks. Using one of these air jacks will enable you to easily lift the vehicle from the ground, allowing you access to the tyre. This is especially important for drivers who might be on the road on their own, and must be able to change the tyre with minimal fuss.

Jonair Services understands that truck technicians want truck air jacks that are simple and easy to use, which is why the range we’ve got for sale has been designed for convenience and effectiveness.


As well as being useful for trucks, the jacks we have for sale can also be used by other large vehicles, such as buses and very low vehicles. The type of air jacks you require will depend on the weight capacity of your truck – from 10T to 80T, browse our range to find out if the jack you need is for sale.

As well as air jacks, we also have a range of other products for sale including wheel balancers, truck jacks, and mobile and standard tyre changers.


Jonair Services has been in this industry for many years, and offer phone call consultations to diagnose problems you may be experiencing with our equipment. If you require onsite assistance, we have an extensive network of affiliated technicians across Australia who can offer help in person. To get in touch, call 03 5277 9932 or submit an enquiry form.