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40 tonne low height hydraulic jack for all workshops

hydraulic truck jack for lifting buses and very low vehicles safely and efficiently.

Popular, all-round air over hydraulic truck jack used in most truck workshops Australia wide.

Capacity: 40T/20T

50 tonne air hydraulic truck jack, heavy duty

Perfect for service trucks and vans.


Jacks are a vital tool for tyre repair businesses. In the event of an issue with a tyre – a puncture, a flat, or any other wheel damage – having a jack will allow the vehicles you work on to thrive in their driving. Using one of these truck air jacks will enable you to easily lift any vehicle from the ground, allowing your business easy access to remove the tyre without much fuss. This is especially important if one of your customers is stuck on the road with a flat tyre and requires assistance.

Jonair understands that truck technicians want truck air jacks that are simple and easy to use, which is why the range we have got for sale has been designed to provide your truck repair business with the utmost effectiveness.


As well as being useful for trucks, our truck jacks that are for sale can also be used by other large vehicles, such as buses and very low vehicles. The type of air jacks you require will depend on your truck’s weight capacity – from 10T to 80T. Browse our range to find the best truck jacks for sale.

As well as air jacks, we also have a range of other products for sale, including wheel balancers, truck jacks, and mobile and standard tyre changers.
If you’re looking for an effective and convenient solution to change a flat tyre, our premium truck air jacks are perfect. Our products are designed to fit any tight space to fit underneath your truck. As it is easy to set up and maintain, this smooth process will ensure you will not waste any extra time on changing a tyre, ensuring your business saves money.

Not only are our truck jacks highly efficient, but they quicken up the extensive process that comes with changing a tyre. At Jonair, we have an impressive range of air and hydraulic jacks that are the perfect addition to your truck repairing company.

Our truck air jacks are catered to a wide selection of trucks and big vehicles. Whether you are the owner of a truck repair service store to a mobile service that assists truck drivers on call, we will have a truck jack that does the job justice. We supply only the best of the best, with premium products that are sure to give your worked trucks the finest service.

Our team of in-house technicians is highly qualified and knowledgeable to give you the best advice on what truck jack is suited for your business. With the help of this tool, you can be confident your truck repair business can fix any punctures faster than any other tyre service. The sky is the limit by using one of our high-quality items.

These truck jacks durable and impeccably strong, being able to withstand the toughest of conditions. As these products are easy to use and maintain, this makes the tyre changing job a whole less “tyre-ing”. These tools are finished with an enamel that ensures that all you need to do is a quick wipe down with a cloth, and your truck jack is as good as new.

Due to the effectiveness and speediness of the product, you can be confident your business will have a truck jack that is cost-effective, meaning you’ll save money being able to provide high-quality tyre service to your customers. As it is robust and easy to maintain, you will have a device that will help your customers’ tyre problems for the years to come.

You don’t have to roam around the “entyre” world to find an effective solution for all your tyre-changing needs. Jonair can provide you with a tyre change that is sure to make your customers’ vehicles run incredibly smooth. Your customers will thank you for being able to drive without any bumps on the road.


At Jonair services, our team is highly skilled with among the best technicians in the automotive service industry. With their knowledge and expertise, they will be able to provide you with the best suggestions to ensure you get a truck jack suited to the type of service your business delivers.

We are passionate about our customers, ensuring we are always there to provide support answering any queries you may have. We offer support over the phone, or one of our extensive network of affiliated technicians across Australia can offer help face-to-face. Wherever you are, you will be confident you can find a professional near your area to be able to help you with any problems you may be facing.

Simply contact us on our website to fill out an enquiry form or call us over the phone at 03 5277 9932 to get in touch with one of our experts.