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Professional balancing for cars, light transport vehicles and 4WD Laser, spotlight, speed and ease of use. LED

The SICE S65 Wheel balancer is a computer based balancer with LCD screen capable of balancing wheels up to 37

The SICE 680E is a high quality electronic spin wheel balancer out of Italy. The 680E is a very robust machin

The TB-10 Truck wheel balancer is safe and easy to operate with integrated wheel lifter and hood start.

Conceived for mobile wheel service units or usage where space is limited.   VIEW DETAILS


Wheel balancing, also called tyre balancing, is when you equalise the weight of a wheel to ensure that it will spin smoothly when accelerated to high speed. To do this, you will require a wheel balance machine. This balancer centres the wheel, spins it, and determines where the weights need to go to achieve equilibrium.

Tyres will always have minor weight imbalances due to external factors, such as tiny irregularities in the wheel shape, that can cause bigger issues when the wheel is brought up to high speed – what should be a smooth rotation will become an unsafe, uncomfortable bouncing motion. For your safety, and to prevent damage to your vehicle, consider buying a wheel balance machine. At Jonair, we have several wheel balancers for sale.


With the range of wheel balancer machines we have for sale, you’ll be able to find a machine that suits your needs best. Suitable for most wheel types, these balancers allows the user to mount and demount any type of tyres that are on the international market. We also offer integrated wheel lifters for all Wheel Balancers as an option, meaning that much of the heavy lifting is taken out of your hands.

As well as wheel balancers, we also have a range of other products for sale including truck tyre changers, truck jacks, and mobile and standard tyre changers.


A Victoria-based company, Jonair Services offers our professional services Australia-wide. Consultations regarding damaged or broken equipment can either be handled over the phone by one of our inhouse technicians – who have extensive experience working with machinery and mechanical equipment – or we can arrange for someone from our network of technicians to visit you in person. To get in touch you can call us 03 5277 9932 or submit an enquiry.