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The T568 is a robust machine made for Jonair in China

It can clamp up to 46” and includes a set of alloy rim protectors.

Fully hydraulic Truck tyre changer combined with diesel compressor, specially designed for outdoor service on

The S54A comes with a set of alloy rim protectors as standard

Universal automatic truck tyre changer

The S560 is a universal truck, tractor, earthmover tyre changing machine that is only suitable for the largest


When a tyre on your truck experiences a puncture or other damage, it can cause serious delays to your schedule. If you’re out on the road transporting stock between locations, or you haven’t started out for the day, having the right tools at hand will mean that you can get back on schedule without further delays.

That’s why every truck owner should have their own tyre changer machine; a convenient solution for potential disruptions. At Jonair Services, we’ve got a range of tyre changing machines for sale. Find out how our tyre changing machines can make your life a little easier.


Tyre changers make removing and replacing damaged and old tyres much simpler. With many different types of trucks on the market, Jonair has several types of changing machines in the MAXAM and SICE brands for sale. Whether you’re looking for semi-automatic varieties, or machines that are designed for optimal safety and ease, we’ve got the tyre changer for you. Additionally, we’ve also got truck jacks, wheel balancers, mobile and standard tyre changers, and other equipment for sale in our online store.


Based in Victoria, Jonair Services consists of inhouse technicians who have extensive experience working with machinery and mechanical equipment. Having been in the industry for so long, we are able to diagnose problems with just a phone call, assisting you to find the right replacement parts without charging you for a callout consultation. In the event that you need help in person, our network of affiliated technicians stretches across Australia, meaning that no matter where you’re based, we can help you out. To get in touch, call 03 5277 9932 or submit an enquiry form.