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What Van is Right for Mobile Car Tyre Changing?


What Van is Right for Mobile Car Tyre Changing?

A question we are asked a lot and do not always have the answer for in our business.

Over the years so many people have tried to make the perfect van for mobile tyre service in the passenger industry, the best of them in Australia probably being the units by Mobile Tyre Shop, and Tumbi Tyres – who created a world first with solar battery charging on their fantastic Eco Van. But our personal favourite is currently the amazing set-up by Tread Connection in the USA. These utilise Corghi Equipment from SICE‘s parent Company, The Nexion Group. The Artiglio 50 is an excellent machine for changing a massive array of tyres comfortably.

The only issue with this comes down to cost and personal preference. With that in mind we have put together a range of vans we would recommend so you can choose your own supplier and be comfortable in the knowledge that the van you have chosen will fit the tyre changer that you have chosen also.

Because there are so many different types of tyre changer, from swing arm, to tilt back, to lift-and-swing, to leverless. We have put together this list of vans so your equipment does not need to be undersized, causing you issues with run-flat or removing the tyre on extra wide rims, such as the ever popular BMW X5 325 35 X 21 which can be a nightmare on tilt back machines.

So lets get to it.
Length Height Cargo Length Cargo Height Cargo Width GVM Payload
Mercedes Sprinter LWB 4.1T High Roof 6967 2663 4351 2009 1732 4100 1718
Mercedes Sprinter LWB 5T Super High Roof 6967 2917 4351 2243 1732 5000 2421
Mercedes Sprinter XLWB 4.1T High Roof 7367 2662 4751 2009 1732 4100 1695
Mercedes Sprinter XLWB 4.49T Super High Roof 7367 2912 4751 2243 1732 4490 1898
Volkswagon Crafter 50 LWB Super High Roof 6836 2789 4300 2025 1832 4490 1797
Volkswagon Crafter 55 XLWB Super High Roof 7391 2789 4855 2025 1832 5500 2786
Ford Transit 350L LWB FWD 5981 2780 3494 2125 1784 3550 1168
Ford Transit 470E RWD Jumbo Van 6704 2790 4217 2025 1784 4300 1755
LDV Deliver 9 5940 2755 3413 2014 1800 4000 1620
Renault Master ELWB RWD MT Pro 6875 2808 4383 2048 1765 4495 2132
Iveco Daily 50C H3 4100 6109 2944 4680 2100 1740 5200 1782
Iveco Daily 50C H3 4100L 7674 2944 5125 2100 1740 5200 1752

These units will fit the following machines from us

SICE S43+PT230

SICE S43GP + PT250




These vehicles will support a wide array of machines from different suppliers (of course, we would prefer you purchased from us.)

We highly recommend using the SICE S606HS for Mobile work as it is the most compact and easy to use/repair in its class

Wheel Balancer for Mobile Service Unit – SICE S606HS

Please Call us to chat further about your mobile tyre changing requirements

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