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The worlds best tyre changer

What is the best Tyre Changer in the World? HUNTER VS SICE

What is the best tyre changer in the world?

This is an interesting question we are asked often, and it is a difficult one to answer. So, what is the best tyre changer in the world?

There are hundreds of different machines on the market including diagnostic road force measuring but is nothing that will do the entire job for you.

For the sake of argument we are going to compare the only machines that come close to being automatic. We will call an automatic tyre changer a “Walkaway” type.

This essentially means the operator can walk away from the machine to perform balancing while the tyre is being demounted from the rim.

Why are we only comparing Walkaway tyre changers? Because time is money.

A 30%-time saving has been shown if you can perform a wheel balance while a machine is dismounting your tyre automatically.

When we break it down to the “Walkaway” only the choice becomes a lot easier.

There are only two machines in the world currently that have this ability. The Hunter Revolution and the SICE S1000 Evolutione.

So, what is the difference between these two and which one should I choose?



Recognized as the 2015 Motor Magazine Top 20 Tools Awards, as well as a PTEN Innovation Award and PTEN Innovation Award’s People’ Choice Award all in 2014. This machine was the first walkaway and is rightly considered one of the best tyre changers ever produced (this is coming from a competitor.)

The Revolution features space-saving wheel lift “Go” pedal and Powered Press arms this fully automatic tyre changer and is equipped with everything you need to effortlessly and effectively service vehicles.



Fully automatic centre-post machine with WalkAway operation!
80 second unattended bead breaking & demounting process allows the operator to “walk away” from the machine
Powered press arms for maximum control with the opportunity to mount virtually any tyre
Patented lever-less tool head design for demounting without levers
Powerful, yet versatile, pneumatic clamping system to handle a wide variety of rims
Space saving wheel lift allowing for the
Simple to use touchscreen interface with live 3D graphics during operation
Animations & videos included for on-the-job training
Operation via “Go” control pedal – Press to make selection & hold to advance procedure

Top & bottom bead loosening rollers
Automatic TPMS protection once position is set by the operator
Automatic fast inflation station which inflates the tyre to desired pressure
Up to 30” rim capacity
Built-in camera to monitor operation & identify incorrect operation
Hydraulic power unit for precise & powerful operation

Rim Diameter Range 12” – 30”
Max. Wheel Diameter 1270 mm (50”)
Max. Wheel Width 381 mm (15”)
Rotation Speed Variable up to 15 rpm
Operating Pressure 8.6 bar
Power Supply 415V 50/60Hz
Net Weight 842 kg


The worlds best tyre changer

The S 1000 Evoluzione tyre changer can work easily with any type of tyre, from RFT to balloon and soft tyres, that range in size from 13” to 32”.

Exceptionally easy to use with a hydraulic system is matched to the tyre to guarantee precise, reliable, and efficient movement. The versions with “automatism” feature a system that ensures the best valve sensor integrity


Fully automatic with Walkaway
60 second bead breaking and demounting process.
Revolver multi-function mount/demount unit with automated rotation and spring driven tyre hook (patented)
Autonomous lower bead breaking disk
TPM Reader with tread probe and temperature sensor
Mounting 13 -32” Capacity
Video camera for recording defects before demounting/mounting
Sensor protection device
Works on soft beads and balloon tyres
Ideal shaped bead presser for Run Flat Tyres
Patent Pending bead presser for correct tyre positioning during mounting
Axial mounting turntable. This is the first machine where the wheel axis moves at the same time as the tool to make the o


perations easier and guarantee precision and effectiveness.
Front mounted lifter to allow lifting without the operator changing working position.

Rim Diameter Range 13” – 32”
Max. Wheel Diameter 1200 mm (47”)
Max. Wheel Width 400 mm (16”)
Rotation Speed 70-20 rpm
Operating Pressure 8.6 bar
Power Supply 230V 50/60Hz
Net Weight 550 kg


It comes down to personal choice, the Hunter Revolution and the SICE S1000 arethe two best tyre changing machines available in the world right now.

The Hunter set the mark for Walkaway tyre changers, and in our opinion SICE has improved on it (but we are biased.)

The SICE is not available in the USA due to some clever dealing from Hunter, for whom SICE manufacture most of their tyre changers. But luckily for Australians, as Jonair have been importing SICE for over 30 years, we do not have this issue. So, you can choose from the two best tyre changing machines without fear.

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