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The Maxam LS-01 Lifting Truck Tyre Spreader is designed to fix, spread, and lift tyres when repairing puncture

The Maxam MWL-01 Wheel Balancer Lifter. Developed to facilitate the movement of wheels onto and off wheel bala

Popular, all-round air over hydraulic truck jack used in most truck workshops Australia wide.

Extra high, air-hydraulic, truck jack. 30 tonne, Mining and tractor

Capacity: 40T/20T

hydraulic truck jack for lifting buses and very low vehicles safely and efficiently.

50 tonne air hydraulic truck jack, heavy duty

Extra high, 60 tonne single stage mining jack for earthmover and tractor. Safe operation.  

Super heavy duty, hydraulic mining jack with max capacity of 80 tonne.

Perfect for service trucks and vans.

The T568 is a robust machine made for Jonair in China

It can clamp up to 46” and includes a set of alloy rim protectors.